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Airbnb House Rules

  1. Check-in and Check-out Times:
    • Check-in time is from 3:00 PM onwards.
    • Check-out time is by 10:00 AM. Please adhere to these times to ensure a smooth turnover for the next guests.
  2. No Smoking:
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the rental unit. If you wish to smoke, please do so outside and dispose of cigarette butts responsibly.
  3. No Parties or Events:
    • The rental unit is in a residential area, so please refrain from hosting parties or loud gatherings that may disturb the neighbors.
  4. Respect Quiet Hours:
    • Please keep noise levels down between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM to ensure a peaceful environment for everyone.
  5. Maximum Occupancy:
    • The maximum number of guests allowed is [insert the specified number]. Do not exceed this limit without prior approval from the host.
  6. Pet Policy:
    • Pets are not allowed in the rental unit unless explicitly permitted by the host in advance.
  7. Use of Amenities:
    • Guests are welcome to use all provided amenities but are expected to use them responsibly and follow any specific instructions provided.
  8. Keep the Unit Clean and Tidy:
    • Please leave the rental unit in the same condition as you found it. A cleaning fee is included in the reservation, but excessive mess or damage may incur additional charges.
  9. No Illegal Activities:
    • Any illegal activities, including drug use, are strictly prohibited and will result in immediate eviction and possible legal action.
  10. Secure the Property:
    • Ensure that all windows and doors are locked securely when leaving the rental unit.
  11. Dispose of Garbage Properly:
    • Please use the designated trash bins and recycling facilities provided. Do not leave garbage outside the unit.
  12. Report Damages or Issues:
    • If you notice any damages or issues during your stay, please inform the host immediately to address the problem promptly.
  13. Respect the Neighbors:
    • Be considerate of the neighbors and their privacy during your stay.
  14. Follow Parking Guidelines:
    • If parking is provided, please park only in designated areas and respect any parking rules.
  15. Air Conditioning and Heating:
    • Please use the air conditioning and heating responsibly and turn them off when leaving the unit to conserve energy.
  16. Wi-Fi Usage:
    • Wi-Fi is provided for guests’ use, but it should not be used for illegal activities or to download copyrighted material without permission.
  17. Compliance with Local Laws:
    • Guests are expected to comply with all local laws and regulations during their stay.
  18. Communicate with the Host:
    • If you have any questions, concerns, or issues during your stay, feel free to reach out to the host. We are here to help!
By booking and staying in our Airbnb rental unit, you agree to abide by these house rules. Failure to comply may result in additional fees or termination of the reservation. We hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable stay!


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